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Nivea is a pretty popular brand. You can find their products anywhere and everywhere. Despite this, I have managed to avoid every single one, until now. Although, I don’t believe “avoid” is the right word because it implies I deliberately evaded Nivea. The truth is, I simply judged a book by its cover (which is wrong) and saw Nivea as an inferior brand. Why? I don’t know. The brand’s products are always on sale, I guess. The only reason why I purchased Nivea Refreshing Day Cream was to qualify for free delivery. Purchased from Superdrug (£1.99 for 50ml), Nivea Refreshing Day Cream is very affordable. As well as inexpensive, it is also pretty good! So good, it is now my winter go-to day cream. Infused with Vitamin E, lotus extract and natural magnolia extract, Nivea Refreshing Day Cream is formulated to moisturise for up to 24 hours.

Nivea Refreshing Day Cream left my ever so oily skin incredibly soft and moisturised. It also provided imperative protection (SPF 15). Although Nivea Refreshing Day Cream is advertised for normal skin, my oily skin loved it! The scent is a light sweet floral. The consistency is fairly dense but it effortlessly moisturises without leaving a greasy film. Nevertheless, I would only use this during winter as it is a little too rich for summer use. Nivea describes this as a lightweight cream but I disagree. It is quite heavy but still wonderful. A little most definitely goes a long way! Overall, I am very surprised but pleased. Nivea Refreshing Day Cream is worth purchasing!


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