My First Doll Repaint Using Acrylic Paint

So, silly ol’ Sybil had the ever so bright idea to attempt to repaint a Barbie doll using acrylic paint, something she had never done before. What more can I say?! If you wish to be entertained as well as disappointed, watch me attempt to fix a fail by trying something new, repainting a Barbie doll (Barbie Fashionistas Doll 91 – Varsity Platitude – Original), using acrylic paint.

Equipment Used:

  • Patience.
  • Your client (a doll in need of a makeover). I used Barbie Fashionistas Doll 91 – Varsity Platitude – Original.
  • 100% Acetone.
  • Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Pastels.
  • Paint brushes.
  • A matt sealant spray (Mr. Super Clear UV Cut Flat).
  • Masking tape.
  • A plastic pouch.
  • A paper towel.
  • Push pins.

Everything you will need should be available via Amazon.


Also known as Sybil, Billie is the Editor-in-Chief as well as the Founder of SybilCreates.

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