How to Start a Small Business

If you are expecting a comprehensive step by step tutorial, please look elsewhere.

Doubt kills more dreams and plans than failure ever will. Take the first step and take it fearlessly. Starting a small business is a courageous empowering endeavour. The first step is to believe in your vision and in your capabilities. Manifest! Know that you are a passionate individual determined to succeed; recognise that every success began with an idea. Embrace the challenges that will come your way, understanding that they are opportunities to grow as well as learn. Consistency is key. Resilience is your greatest power. Be honest with yourself and set realistic goals. Don’t forget to celebrate each achievement along the way, whether big or small. Surround yourself with encouragement. This is a journey unique to you. You cannot rely on instructions or tutorials. Business is complex and unpredictable. You need to stay focused and inspired. You are making a living, creating a life, a legacy. Good luck!

Alyssa India Mulberry

Contributing Editor

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