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I sell and shop on Etsy. It’s one of my favourite shopping destinations on the internet as you will always find what you want as well as what you are not looking for. Yes, you read right! When I needed dried flowers, I found so many. I also discovered new houseplants and a plethora of unique enamel pins designed by amazing artists. Etsy is home to so many interesting products, from the weird and wonderful to something custom, handmade with love as well as great attention to detail. With so many products to choose from (and never enough money), I usually end up using the favourites button in order to save the things I hope to purchase in the future.

Etsy’s Favourites lists feature is my latest obsession. As someone who enjoys organising, this feature is a dream. I can now curate my Etsy finds effortlessly. I now know where I can quickly locate small business essentials I wish to buy or honey scented candles I need in my life.  I can also share my lists with friends in need of home décor inspiration or birthday gift ideas. I no longer have to wade through pages and pages, looking for something I favourited weeks ago. This is one of the many reasons why I love Etsy! Etsy delivers innovation that helps the shopper as well as the shop owner. Shopping to support a small business is so much easier now. Check out the feature and have a look at my Etsy Favourites profile page; you are bound to be inspired.


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