about – behind the brand

SybilCreates is a step out of my comfort zone and the prioritisation of my mental health. SybilCreates is who I am and what I do. SybilCreates was founded to showcase my work as well as to give back to a community that has supported me through periods of difficulties and hardship. Arts & crafts is more than just a hobby and a movement. It is also a digital community where likeminded individuals collaborate as well as communicate, it is a safe space to escape to, a place where one can learn something new. SybilCreates is a thank you in the form of content. SybilCreates is also a website, blog, YouTube channel and e-commerce. It is my creative outlet, so expect anything and everything, from arts & crafts to beauty! Feel free to use the content at hand to guide, inspire, help or simply entertain you. The choice is up to you but to have this option I hope is a refreshing change in a demanding world.

Officially launched: 30th of December 2017

Work with Me

I am always open to collaborating as well as working with fellow creators and brands/companies. This can be in the form of a review or sponsorship, etc. I am also open to contributing content. However, I prioritise and value honesty as well as transparency. If your ethics are in line with mine, please feel free to get in touch.


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